Frequently Asked Questions


1 ) Can anyone become a freemason ?

The application process for joining the Freemasons is quite formal and has been relatively the same for hundreds of years, the applicant must be a man with a belief in a Supreme Deity, be of sound mind and body, and be over the minimum age for that particular Masonic area ( Alberta Province ).

There are many other attributes that will enhance an application like a willingness to help others, a desire to become a better man, a wish to enjoy the company of men with similar thoughts and views. If you wish to take things further then use the email links here to contact one of the two Blue Lodges in Drumheller ;


Email Symbol Lodge #93

Email Drumheller Lodge #146


2 ) Does it involve a big time commitment ?

Both of the Lodges in Drumheller meet monthly between the months of September and June, with Symbol Lodge #93 meeting on the third Thursday of each month, and Drumheller Lodge #146 on the fourth Thursday of each month, both at half past seven in the evening. The meetings take an hour or two and then the Festive Board an extra hour, your attendance each month is expected.

There may also be the occasional Saturday during any given year where Degree work may be done during the day, and your attendance would also be appreciated.

There will also be other evenings where you may be asked to attend with friends, or your significant other, for different meals and celebrations, some more formal than others.


3 ) What is a Lodge ?

"Lodge" to us has two very distinct meanings, the first is the actual building in which we meet, in the case of Drumheller, Freemasons Hall is also considered our Lodge. The second meaning refers to the group of men who actually meet in Freemasons Hall, so some of us are part of Symbol Lodge #93, and some of us are part of Drumheller Lodge #146, and some of us both.






4 ) Who is head of the Freemasons in Alberta ?

As well as all of the local Lodges in various towns and cities spread out across Alberta, we also have what is called the Grand Lodge of Alberta, and this is the governing body for all things Masonic within Alberta. The Grand Lodge has its own set of Officers very much like the Blue Lodges, and the head of the Grand Lodge is called the Grand Master of Alberta ( A.F. & A.M. ), this is an elected position and changes each summer.

For more information you can go to ;


5 ) Why are there three Lodges in Drumheller ?

Drumheller has two 'Blue Lodges' which are also called 'Craft Lodges', they are named Symbol Lodge #93, and Drumheller Lodge #146. These two Lodges accept applications from men from all walks of life who want to become a Freemason.

The third Lodge in Drumheller is called Eheyeh Chapter #27 and is a 'Red Lodge' and part of the Royal Arch Masons, and is a Lodge for further Masonic education which can only be accessed once a candidate has progressed through the Blue Lodge. More information at ; or;


6 ) Why dress up ?

During a meeting it is required of all Freemasons that they wear a business or dinner suit as a sign of respect for the formal duties that they are about to undertake. In addition to this they are also required to wear a Ceremonial Apron which is steeped in history and meaning, and also as they take up various positions in the Lodge each man may be required to don collars and jewels to reflect this position.

Each collar, jewel and apron has specific symbols attached to it, with meaning that are for the wearer to discover himself, to better his Masonic education.


7 ) How much does it cost ?

Each year every Freemason must quite literally 'pay his dues'. The cost of the dues is set by each individual Lodge, but amounts to little more than the cost of a daily paper each year.

During each meeting every Freemason will be asked to contribute a few dollars to go towards the cost of the Festive Board, to cover the cost of the food.


8 ) What are "Degrees" ?

The three Degrees that we teach in a Craft Lodge are basically standards, or levels, and the names of these degrees relate straight back to the Operative Stonemasons of the Middle Ages. Each containing information that will teach the candidate valuable lessons that he will be able to take back into his day to day life.

Each Degree is conferred in the form of a ritual, passed down through hundreds of years of Freemasons to us today, and we do our best to reproduce it all with honesty, accuracy, and integrity.






9 ) Are there any famous Canadian Freemasons ?

Here are but a few ;

"Whipper" Billy Watson - Canadian Wrestling Legend

Athol Layton - Canadian Wrestler

Hart Massey - Massey Ferguson Farm Equipment

Colonel R. S. McLaughlin - Founder of McLaughlin Carriage Company ( later General Motors Canada )

James Naismith - Canadian born American who invented Basketball

Charlie Conacher - Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Legend

E.D. Eddy - Founder of the E.B. Eddy Match Company

No fewer than six Canadian Prime Ministers and twenty eight Provincial Premiers

Alexander Robert Dunn - First Canadian Soldier to receive the Victoria Cross

John Molson - Founder of Molson Breweries

John Bayne Maclean - Founder of Maclean's Magazine

Tim Horton - Hockey Legend and founder of Coffee chain bearing his name



Symbol Lodge #93

Drumheller Lodge #146

Eheyeh Chapter #27

GM Outdoor Roaming Lodge