How to become a Freemason


Are you a good man ? An honest, upstanding, hardworking, charitable member of the community ? Would you like to be better ? Would you like to contribute more to those around you ? Only you can take the next step, as the Fraternity will only accept candidates who present themselves of their own volition. There is good reason for this, make no mistake, entering the Fraternity means you wish to live your life in a specific manner, with honour and integrity, charity and thoughtful care, placing your ultimate trust in God.



If you are sure this is for you, if you have read the FAQ section, and also taken time to research our Institution online, then the next step is to talk with a local Freemason. There are contact email addresses at the foot of this page which will let you email members of both Masonic Lodges in Drumheller directly, you may ask any questions you wish, and if you feel comfortable then you may progress through the application process.

The process itself is quite structured, and you may follow the steps through at your own pace. The procedure is unique for every candidate, but usually involves a one to one discussion with a Freemason, and if this is favourable for both parties, then a committee from the Lodge will meet you and your family in an informal manner so you can learn about us, and us about you. In certain circumstances the Lodge may invite you and your family to a social function so you can get an idea of the kind of people involved in the Lodge, and what sort of 'vibe' the Fraternity creates. If again you are happy to move on, and the committee views you as favourable then the Lodge as a whole will ballot on your application. This is the final step before acceptance.

If accepted you will then be ready to take your first steps into the Lodge.

Here are some other Masonic reference websites that may give you further information, or a different perspective on our Craft ;





There are many, many more sites like these, all over the web for you to peruse. If you would like to persue your application now, or to ask any questions, or to get more information from either of the Lodges in Drumheller, then please feel free to contact ;


Email Symbol Lodge #93


Email Drumheller #146




Symbol Lodge #93

Drumheller Lodge #146

Eheyeh Chapter #27

O.E.S. Chapter