What do Freemason's do ?


Some would say it is not what Freemasons do, but how we do it, that makes us a Freemason. Some would say we do what comes naturally. Others would say that being a Freemason is more of a lifestyle. Every man entering into the Fraternity pictures what we do and how we do it slightly differently. But there is a Constitution that gives us a more rigid structure to govern what and how we do things.

Every man becomes a member of a Lodge (also referred to as a Craft Lodge, or Blue Lodge), and this Lodge (for example Symbol Lodge #93) meets monthly in the local Masonic Hall ( Freemasons Hall in Drumheller). When the members attend it is a serious affair and requires each man to dress accordingly in suits, aprons, jewels, and collars reflecting their rank within the Lodge.

The purpose of the meetings are mainly twofold. Firstly to discuss any Lodge business that requires attention, and just like any organisation it follows a specific structure, e.g reading of the minutes from last month, new business etc. The second part pertains to rituals that have been carried out for hundreds of years in similar lodges across the world, and often involves members attaining higher degrees within the Craft, or new members being initiated. The rituals themselves are comprehensively structured lessons that teach each and every Freemason how to better themselves by looking at their own actions, and interactions.

Once the business of the evening is concluded, then it is time to close the proceedings and relax with what we call a Festive Board, which in essence is a small meal and few drinks for all to share. This is a much more social part of Freemasonry, and at certain times of the year, these meals are also attended by our wives, and this helps to develop a strong sense of camaraderie amongst everyone in the Masonic family.

This is a very summary view of how our fraternity looks and performs from the inside, and even from the inception of Freemasonry it has enabled men for hundreds of years to provide a huge range of Masonic activities such as care of orphans, the sick, and the aged, contributions to national and local charities, with Masons around the world donating huge sums every day.


This is what we do.


Symbol Lodge #93

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